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Document Scanning Company Providing Bulk Scanning Services in Sheffield

MBS Imaging is a document scanning company based in Sheffield, but we help customers from various Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas including Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham and even further afield such as Derby and Leicester. See our full list of locations here. We have a longstanding reputation in the document scanning, shredding and storage industry, with over 35 years of helping our loyal clients. Our primary services include bulk document scanning, document shredding and storage and even microfilm conversion. We provide a reliable, confidential service and have helped a variety of clients in industries such as legal, healthcare and engineering.
Bulk Document Scanning Service
Our family-run business provides a high-quality, bulk document scanning service which scans your paper documents and safely converts them into digital form. We can also confidentially transfer your files into any format you wish and onto a CD, memory stick or whatever you like! Streamline your workload with our highly efficient document scanning services in Sheffield, Bradford and other Yorkshire locations.

Document Shredding and Storage
If you’re in need of a reliable document shredding and storage service, look no further than MBS Imaging. For clients all over Yorkshire and beyond, we can help you save on valuable space and either safely shred or move files into our off-site document storage facility.

Microfilm Conversion Service
Microfilm conversion is a cost-effective service which archives your data, privately. Store more data than ever before by using our microfilm conversion service which is ideal for industries such as legal and engineering.

If you’re interested in using our document scanning company for any of the above services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0114 2470663 for more information. We can help customers from all over Yorkshire including Sheffield, Leeds and beyond.


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    On an 8gb Flash Drive you can store

    420,000 Documents

    30 Filing Cabinets

    170 Archive Boxes

    840 Archive Folders

    Client Testimonials

    I just wanted to say a word of thanks to you for the help you have given us recently and in the past.

    Welbilt have reorganized, bought, sold and merged various businesses, and departments, over the years, and the volume of paperwork requiring to be retained centrally has been immense.

    The confidential imaging service you’ve provided has enabled us to both efficiently store and retrieve all of it. There really is no comparison between using your imaging services and archiving great piles of boxes in a storage facility, somewhere at the back of beyond.

    I do remember the days when, having put some documents onto microfilm for me, you asked if I’d thought of using some new thing – microfiche! It does seem a world away and I remarked to our IT team, the other day, that it’s great to see how you’ve kept MBS at the leading edge of imaging technology.

    Long may it continue!

    Thanks again,

    Chris Cammoile Finance Director Welbilt UK Limited